5 Fantastic Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied During the Summer Holidays

In theory, summer holidays are exciting, but after a couple of weeks of being away from school friends or stuck in the house because their parents have to work, children can soon become frustrated and bored.

If you are stuck for ideas on entertaining your kids over the long summer break, here are some suggestions to help you.

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Start a Scrapbook or Diary

Get your child a large notebook and show them how they can keep a daily journal or a scrapbook full of colorful drawings and pictures.

Tell them that they can write about their emotions, note down their favorite musicians, tv shows, and books.

Buy them some scraps, or give them magazines they can cut pictures out of and stick in their journal or sign them up to a sticker club subscription so they will get a box of stickers delivered through the mailbox on a monthly basis.

Encourage their creative side by giving them some new pens and pencils they can use to write and draw in their notebook.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Write down a list of random items for your child to find around the house or garden.

If you don’t have the time or the imagination, go online or look on a site such as Pinterest for printable scavenger hunt sheets.

For example, ask them to find something red, something furry, or something that makes a noise.

Write down as many items as you can so that they are occupied for a reasonable length of time.

As a special incentive, you can offer a prize or special treat for them when they have found all of the items on the list.

child playing i sandbox is 1 of 5 Fantastic Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied During the Summer Holidays

Have a Picnic

Kids love to eat, so think about having a picnic.

Travel to a suitable place near a play park or an area of particular interest.

If the weather isn’t great, you could erect a tent in your garden and eat your picnic in there or in a teepee in your child’s bedroom.

You could even get your child to help you bake or prepare some of the food.

Chalk Painting

Buy some chunky sticks of chalk for your kids and encourage them to decorate the paving outside your home or draw colorful murals on the garden wall.

Warn them that they are only allowed to do this with washable chalks and never indelible paint.

Treat for the Parents

If you are feeling exhausted, you can trick your kids into doing something for you.

Help them to set up a home spa experience so that they can practice their pampering skills on you.

Ask them to rub cream into your skin, give you a face mask, exfoliate your feet and apply some pretty makeup.

Most kids will love doing this as they enjoy dipping their fingers into creams and lotions or sloughing off the dead skin on your feet with an electric exfoliator, and the best part is – you will love it too!

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