5 Easy Ideas Anyone Can Do to Decorate Their Porch for Winter

Winter is nearly here and we can’t rely on our beautiful gardens and luscious green grass to make our properties pop.

We have to think outside the box and come up with new ways to decorate for winter.

This is particularly true for homeowners who are selling their houses and want to make sure their curb appeal attracts as many potential buyers as possible.

We have 5 easy ways you can decorate your porch (and other areas of your yard) without breaking the bank.

5 Easy Ideas Anyone Can Do to Decorate Their Porch for Winter

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Use Planters with Hardy Evergreens

Although your trees, shrubs, and garden beds may be devoid of any greenery, you can add some life back to your yard with evergreens.

You don’t have to go out and purchase seedlings and wait a few years for them to grow – you can purchase potted evergreens at your local garden center.

With these potted plants, you can decorate your porch and walkways.

You can add a little more charm to your yard by decorating the pots and evergreens, too.

As an example, we like to wrap burlap ribbon around the put and add pops of color to the tree with sprigs of holly berries.

Add bundles of logs on the porch

Unless we have a fireplace, most of us don’t think about using logs to decorate with.

However, bundles of logs on the porch (either in a basket, old wooden crate, or leave them loose and placed in a firewood ring), can add a lot of charm to your porch.

Of course, this is even better if you do have a fireplace (or even an oh-so-popular outdoor fireplace) because they’re both decorative and functional!

Light the way with lanterns

Walkway lights, spotlights, and lights by the door are fine and well, but they can’t give your yard that warm and inviting glow that lanterns provide.

You can place lanterns along the steps to help people see where they’re going better.

You can put them on the handrails if the rails are wide enough, in the window, and even hang them from the porch’s overhang.

You’re not going to want to use real candles in them because that would be a fire hazard and incredibly inconvenient to light.

We like LED lights with a remote control so all you have to do is press a button and BAM! The lanterns are glowing in an instant!

Thrift store finds can add vintage charm

It’s amazing how much great stuff you can find second hand.

Whether you go to a thrift shop, a flea market, a garage sale or it’s a hand-me-down, second hand items like sleds, planters, wagons, benches, and tables are a great way to add vintage charm on a budget.

Create a welcoming vibe with a cozy seating area

One of the perks of being a homeowner with a porch is being able to sit outside, enjoy your morning coffee or tea and watch your kids play.

If you like to sit outside, why not make your seating area a little cozier with cushions, outdoor pillows and maybe a throw blanket (if it’s an enclosed porch).

Of course you’ll want a table nearby to sit your cup on, so why not decorate the table with some of the items we mentioned above?

Whether you’re decorating your front porch for yourself or if you’re hoping to catch a potential buyer’s interest, these are just a few decorating ideas to get you started.

There are tons of ideas online, but Pinterest is especially a great place to start looking. You’d be amazed by how many awesome DIY project ideas you can find there!

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