4 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays

As any parent knows, a bored kid is a curious kid.

Some might even say a bored child is known to get in trouble…but we don’t want to put words in your mouth.

Either way, keeping them engaged and occupied during the holiday season is a must. 

4 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays

Whether your child has been homeschooled all year, or this is the first multi-week stint they’ll spend entirely at home since the summer, it’s a good idea to have some engaging activities lined up to keep your kids occupied.

And we have a few ideas for you:

Decorating Cookies

decorating cookies is one of 4 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays

Want to start a fun family tradition?

Try baking and decorating holiday cookies together.

It’s something that the entire family can enjoy and is quite rewarding (for obvious reasons).

Here are a few tips to make this experience a positive one:

  • Consider making cookies from scratch rather than using break-and-bake style cookies. There’s something fun and extra tasty about making your own cookies. Your kids will love it.
  • Have fun with the cookies and make them into holiday-themed shapes. Keep creative cookie cutters on hand so that each child can pick the one they like most.
  • Parchment paper will be your best friend. Not only does it make it easier to remove the cookies after baking, but it keeps your pans clean.

Resist the urge for perfection. Any time you combine kids and baking, there are going to be mishaps – and that’s fine! Extra sugar in the mix, messy icing, spills…it’s all part of the process. Have fun with it and make space for memories.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Watching christmas movies is one of 4 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays

Screen time is something most parents try to limit. And while you probably want to keep the TV off for most of the holiday season, it can be fun to break the rules. 

One option is to have a Christmas movie marathon where everyone stays in their pajamas all day and you watch two or three movies – letting each child pick an appropriate flick. 

Take your Christmas movie marathon to the next level by camping in the living room.

Have your children make a holiday inspired tent, bring in some snacks, turn on Netflix, and you have entertainment for hours.

Indoor Snowmen

CreditModernMaking indoor DIY snowmen is one of 4 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays

Credit ModernParentsMessyKids.com

Live in a warm climate where snow isn’t a reality during the holiday season?

Or perhaps you have a small apartment where you can’t get out and enjoy the fun? Try making indoor snowmen.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A couple of boxes of cornstarch
  • One can of shaving cream
  • An old shoebox or plastic container
  • A sheet, tarp, or newspaper
  • Random crafty materials (buttons, beads, fabric scraps, etc.)

Empty the cornstarch into the container and add shaving cream.

Thoroughly mix together and you have your snow!

Now roll it into balls and use the random crafty items to decorate. (If you have a large family, consider giving each child their own station and creating a snowman competition.)

Holiday Bedroom Makeovers

Doing a holiday bedroom makeover is one of 4 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holidays


If you’re someone who is particular about your home’s holiday decorations, you probably don’t want your kids hanging the lights or messing with your plans.

But there are other ways to ensure your kids can get involved. 

One idea is to let each child decorate their own rooms for the holidays.

You can let them use leftover decorations and even encourage them to make some of their own. (Paper snowflakes are always a classic craft.)

Make Time to be Together This Holiday Season

As difficult as this year has been – cooped up, anxious, and homebound – it’s important that we continue to prioritize togetherness over the holidays.

It’s possible that you won’t be spending time with all of the relatives and loved ones like you typically do, so your inner circle is more vital than ever.

Simple things like decorating cookies or camping in the living room might seem silly and frivolous in the moment, but these are the sorts of things that kids love.

They’re special, memorable, and create a sense of cohesion.

Make this holiday season special in spite of extenuating circumstances, and you’ll look back on it fondly in the years to come.

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