4 Essential Gadgets To Treat Your Kids To This Xmas

Tech! There is no getting away from it, especially when it comes to kids and Christmas time so check out these 4 Essential Gadgets To Treat Your Kids To This Xmas.

In fact, if your little ones have written their list to Santa, they have likely included some techy items already.

However, if you are still undecided as to what tech to buy them this festive season or need a bit of added inspiration, then our guide below can help you out.


Switch Light

Of course, number one on this list is the Switch Light.

A handheld console manufactured by Japanese gaming giant Nintendo.

In fact, the Switch Light is the second iteration of this console, with the Switch being the first.

The Switch being a slightly more substantial and more expensive version that has detachable controllers.

With also an innovate carriage that you can place the screen in to transfer play from the handheld device to a TV screen.

Something that makes ‘switching’ from one mode to the other fast and smooth.



It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the Light does not have these features and is solely a handle held console.

Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing because it’s smaller and cheaper.

Something that makes it much easier for the kids to take out and about with them, and will leave less of a dent in parents pockets as well.

Additionally, the main advantage of the Switch Light is that it’s an entry-level console that will grant players access to all of the exclusive titles Nintendo created for this system.

Titles including Super Mario Odyssey, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and even the Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild.

All of which have some super cute characters are great for younger and older kids alike.


VR Headsets

Another of the top gadgets you may wish to treat your kids to this Christmas is a VR headset.

In fact, they are probably badgering you for one already, what with all the hype online.

Although it is worth noting that most of the systems available do recommend that children be over 12 or 13 years before they play.

Of course, choosing which headset to go for can be quite a challenge as well.

Especially as the tech is certainly not cheap, and you won’t want to make the wrong decision and end up with the item gathering dust in the corner.



Fortunately, there is a way to navigate this difficult question, and it’s to consider the gaming platform that your kids already have access to.

After all, if your child has a PS4, then the PSVR will be the most sensible choice because it is designed to be compatible with that particular console.

However, if your child has a PC or Mac, then one of the other options such as an Oculus Rift, or HTC VR is going to be the smarter choice.

Do remember, though, that as well as the headset, your child will want games to play on it too.

Although finding kid-friendly ones can be a bit more tricky than you would first imagine.

Happily, you can find some recommendations in posts like this Best Kids VR Games article.

Just be sure to check out any title thoroughly beforehand to avoid any unsuitable content.



In the adult world, Smartwatches are a trendy Christmas present this year, and in the realm of children, it is no different.

In fact, not only are these devices impressive pieces of tech, but they can serve a lot of practical functions for your child as well.

One benefit in particular that Smartwatches have is that your child can answer phone calls and texts from you without having to get their cell out of their bag.

Something that can help you stay in better contact and ensure that they are safe when they are out of the home.

Additionally, the fitness monitoring features that many smartwatches include can be very useful to you or your child as well.

In fact, they can help them to be more active and to take responsibility for their own well being.

All without you having to nag them all of the time. Something that both parents and kids will no doubt be very fond of.

It is also worth noting that while there is a massive range of smartwatches on the market.

Some designed, especially for kids.

This means they are even more straightforward and intuitive to use and come in fun colors and designs, as well.

Something that makes them a fantastic Christmas gift for the little ones in your life.


Programming Toys

Finally, are you looking to combine tech, fun, and education in this year’s Xmas gift?

Then look no further than the wide selection of toys that promote and teach programming.

In fact, such toys can be broadly split into three main groups.

The first group are analog toys that rely on kinesthetic manipulation of physical pieces to teach basic coding language such as the Cubetto Playset.

However, these types of games are low tech and best purchased for younger kids that want to learn the basics.



The second group of programming games are the ones that work in tandem with tablet apps and have a motion sensor that allows players to control the code with a swipe of their hands.

In fact, there are several advantages to this kind of programming game.

Not least that they will need to build the sensor beforehand and that they feature all sorts of fandoms such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even Frozen!



Finally, and perhaps the most exciting option of all is the coding robots that are now on the market, such as the Sphero Bolt, Cozmo Robot, and the Vector Robot.

The idea of these being that the better the kids get at coding, the more fun and exciting things they can get their robots to do.

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