3 Ways To Avoid Activity Burn-Out

3 Ways To Avoid Activity Burn-Out

Keeping my children active is something I have always made a priority. From the time they could walk I was sure to find something they could do to keep not only their bodies active but their minds as well. Dance, Karate, Art Classes, Girl Scouts we’ve done it all. Still there are times when you have to be careful to avoid activity burn-out. Being active is great but being overwhelmed is always a possibility. How do I avoid the burn-out? I have 3 quick and easy ways!

3 Ways To Avoid Activity Burn-Out

Give Them A Say

Even though my children have been signed-up for something since they were about 3 I always made sure they had a say in what that activity was. There is no point in picking an activity that will be nothing but something your child dreads to do. So let them have a say. Give them plenty of options and listen to what they like. Also be sure to pay attention to each child’s personality. This can give you a clear sign to what types of things they will like and enjoy.

Keep It Fun

Picking an activity you child likes is the first step but make sure to keep it fun. I have had to watch myself in this instance because I have gotten so caught up in how talented I felt my child was at something that I began to take away the fun of it all. This can not only make a child feel burned-out but it can turn them against the activity all together. Keep it fun. Remember it’s an activity not a career. If they want it to be more they will definitely let you know but until then just let them enjoy it.

Schedule a Break Day

It can be really easy to over-book activities and end up doing something every single day. This can not only become a bit hectic, but it can drain both you and your child. The excitement they had for a certain class, practice or meet-up will turn into anxiety simply because they don’t have any down time. That’s why I’m always sure to schedule in at least 2 break days in the midst of it all. This was they can look forward to a day of just relaxing and staying at home. Trust me children love lounging just as much as we do!

Are your children involved in extracurricular activities?

How do you make sure they don’t get burned0out?

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