3 Sport Documentaries Worth Sitting Down And Watching

Sport Documentaries Worth Sitting Down And Watching

There are few things you can’t find on Netflix. Lately, I’ve been on a documentary kick, learning more about sports heroes and athletes and what makes them tick.

3 Sport Documentaries Worth Sitting Down And Watching

The Lance Armstrong Story

Among the one’s I most enjoyed were Stop at Nothing. The film chronicles the “hero” cancer survivor through the allegations of cheating during the Tour de France. Armstrong, depending on your perspective, is arguably the greatest fraud in sports history. The film features archive footage of Armstrong himself, his friends and former teammates. While I remain a Lance Armstrong “fan,” this documentary opened my eyes to the lengths he went to hide his cheating. I guess at the end of the day, I finished the film still a fan with the feeling of that if he cheated against a bunch of other cheaters, what’s the big deal? Was it a level playing field? Perhaps. Was it right? Perhaps not.

Usain Bolt:

The Fastest Man Alive follows the life of the Jamaican track star. A multiple time Olympic champion and world record holder, what I discovered through watching the film was that he’s a genuinely likeable man. What I most took away from this film was his smile; he loves what he does. I watched him compete at the Oympics and always cheered for him. But seeing where he came from, and how he worked to get to where he is now, I appreciate his efforts. A once in a generation athlete, capable of winning every 100-metre and 200-metre race he entered, Bolt makes it look like he’s a man racing against boys. And getting to see archive footage of some of his greatest performance was well-worth the time in front of the TV.

Muhammad Ali:

I Am Ali was perhaps the best Muhammad Ali film I have ever watched. Yes, Will Smith was excellent playing the icon in Ali, but seeing man in his own words brought me to goose bumps repeatedly. The film featured unprecedented access to Muhammad Ali’s personal archive of audio journals as well as interviews and testimonials from his inner circle of family and friends. They join forces to tell the legend’s life story. I’ve made a habit of watching documentaries about Ali like Rumble in the Jungle, but I enjoyed I Am Ali even more.

Whether it is cartoons, comedies, dramas or documentaries, Netflix something for everyone. And much like potato chips, it’s often hard to stop at just one show.

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