3 Fun Gift Ideas for Your White Elephant Party

Between scavenging sales, whipping up four-course meals, and hosting relatives you see twice a year, the holidays can be more stressful than festive.

But you don’t have to save the jokes for April Fool’s Day.

Christmastime can always benefit from a little levity—enter the White Elephant Party!

Forget about the pressure to find the perfect gift (unless it’s for your mother-in-law), and just have fun with your White Elephant Party selection this year.

Whether you’re looking for something funky, hilariously silly, heartfelt, or amazingly practical, we have just the thing for you.

Fun Gift Ideas for Your White Elephant Party

Something Cozy

Staying bundled is a must during wintertime—why not do it in the Santa spirit?

It hardly matters who ends up with your gift in this case; friends and family alike will love to don any of these outlandish Christmas pieces:


Your friends may not admit it, but they’re secretly hoping for a hilarious yet comfy Christmas onesie—in fact, it’s at the top of their wish list.

Whether you go with a Santa, reindeer, or snowman design, your recipient is bound to throw it on right away.


Indoor footwear is a cold-weather necessity.

Spice up the warmth by giving out some fun booties (think reindeer or elf hat-shaped)!

With the right silly design, they’ll make your pals giggle every time they look down.

Christmas Sweater

This is a White Elephant staple.

A funky, chunky sweater (preferably with a cheesy quote or way too much glitter) never fails to get the party started.

Something Silly

3 Fun Gift Ideas for Your White Elephant Party 

Not every gift needs to be practical, and a practical gift isn’t necessarily a good one (case in point: the pile of ugly cardigans in the back of your closet from Aunt Suzie over the years).

  • Bring out your silly side with some whimsical, completely impractical presents:
  • A toilet golf course is a much more humorous way to pass bathroom time than scrolling through Instagram or reading the back of shampoo bottles.
  • A mini desktop punching bag is perfect for the friend who’s always wanted to pick up boxing (or who has a little too much pent-up aggression).
  • Who doesn’t love a classic taco night? Your recipient, whoever they are, will adore these dino taco holders—completely unnecessary, yet totally cute.
  • Did we already cover ridiculously silly Christmas sweaters and onesies? Because, with the right design, your holiday sweater choice can double as both cozy and comical.

Something Boozy

Between eggnog and gluhwein, it’s easy to indulge in boozy fun during Christmastime.

Come prepared with one of these wino-worthy gifts for the liquor lovers in your life (if they’re able to get their hands on your White Elephant gift by the end of the night):

Beaker wine glass

This one’s for the Cabernet devotee who swears wine is healthy.

This gift is practical enough, with a hint of funny.

If they’re up for it, make the recipient drink out of their wine beaker for the rest of the night

Wine cork board

Get crafty and make ‘em laugh.

Glue together some old wine corks, and make a board for holding—what else?—more glasses of wine.

Beer belt holster

Never arrive unstrapped again.

A stylish belt holster for your pint will delight the ale lovers in the room (and, once again, make everyone else chuckle as they cruise the buffet table, beer belt on full display).

A Chuckle-Filled Christmas

The beauty of White Elephant gifts is that they can be, quite frankly, whatever you want them to, from silly to serious and back again.

Place one of these gift ideas underneath the tree, and you’ll fill each guest with giggle fits and holiday spirit, no matter what they end up with at the end of the night.

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