3 Car Options That Make Travelling More Fun

3 Car Options That Make Travelling More Fun

Whether you are going from point A to point B, from Vegas to L.A. or from work to home, a few simple car options can make your trip less routine and more awesome.

3 Car Options That Make Travelling More Fun

Certain upgrades deal with performance and power like special editions or six­cylinder engines over the standard four. Others are more cosmetic like low­profile tires or a sun­roof.


I love music when I’m driving. So for me, the auxiliary option, or better yet iPod jack is something I look for when car shopping and even in a road­trip rental. Even with an MP3 compatible CD player, you are limited to 100+ songs. Having the jacks gives you access to every song in your playlist (or MP3/iPod player). It saves fiddling with CDs and the frustration of having a disc skip.

Steering wheel mounted controls

Steering wheel mounted controls also add to the enjoyment level of a car. To have total control of your music, cruise control and phone just add an extra level of fun to the car, especially over a long period.

Electronic shifting

Some people aren’t a fan of electronic shifting but I love it. I love driving a real standard as well but the electronic shifting, where you don’t have to worry about a clutch, gives you the best of both worlds.

On a long roadtrip, I want everything to be perfect. For me, a perfect roadtrip includes great company, great music and great car. And the great car includes everything I just listed. Be sure to check out this post about car dashboard lights. 

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