13 Tips to Help You Capture the Perfect Family Memories

A family is a unit that has been together for as long as anyone can remember.

The memories of our childhoods with our parents and siblings are what keep us grounded in this world and allow us to grow into who we are today.

It’s important to capture those moments because they may not happen again!

Today we have so many technological innovations to help us capture the perfect moment.

Whether on a mobile phone or with a digital camera, this blog post will discuss 13 Tips to Help You Capture the Perfect Family Memories so that you can look back at them later in life and smile!

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Consider The Quality Of The Footage You Want To Capture

The quality of the footage you need to capture will depend on your needs.

If it’s just for personal use, then a small digital camera or mobile phone is more than enough!

If you are taking photographs you would like to print on canvas or as portraits, it would be advisable to use a digital camera to provide the needed clarity.

Mirrorless cameras are an excellent investment that delivers almost professional-quality photographs and videos.

Consider Investing In A Stabiliser

A stabilizer is a device that will help you hold your camera steady while taking the photo.

This is extremely important as it allows for more clarity and quality of images taken.

Your footage can be affected by even small tremors, so investing in a stabilizer would be highly beneficial!

Stabilizers are not only for digital cameras; modern stabilizers for your mobile phone make it very easy to get the perfect clear shot.

The OM 5 from DJI is an excellent example.

Ensure You Have A Tripod For Your Camera Or Phone

A tripod provides an opportunity to take video clips on your phone or camera without worrying about holding them properly and shaking them around – this results in blurry and counterproductive shots!

The best part is they are very lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go, ensuring high chances of capturing those perfect moments.

They also come equipped with mounts if required, which make it extremely convenient to keep all your devices charged and ready to go at all times!

Beware Not To Over Expose Your Shots

Over exposing means you are making the footage too light, and this can result in missing out on important details.

It is very common when you have a bright sunny day!

To avoid overexposing your memories, ensure that you adjust your camera settings to suit the lighting conditions or use an electronic flash if necessary.

There are various ways of setting your device exposure.

Consider Additional Battery Or Charging Packs

In spite of the ease and convenience that comes with keeping your devices charged, it is advised to have a backup battery pack or charging station is always recommended.

In case your phone runs out of charge during those crucial moments where you need it most, what would you do?

A backup battery for your phone would be enough to ensure those perfect memories aren’t lost.

Pose Your Family Members For The Best Possible Shot

One way you can pose your family members so that they look their best on camera is by having everyone sit together on one couch facing forward towards the camera at an angle, but not too much of an angle where faces become distorted looking.

If possible, have each person sit on a different couch and face the camera.

This way, everyone is at an angle, but not too much to distort their features! Beware not to take the picture at an upward angle.

This angle typically doesn’t display people’s features well unless you’re taking a creative shot, of course.

Always Look For The Golden Hours Of Light

The best time to take photos and videos is during the golden hours of light.

It is extremely important that you take your photos and videos during the golden hours of light.

These are considered the best times for taking pictures and videos because the light is soft, clear-cut without being too harsh.

If you are targeting a specific location for taking photos or video clips, this would be the best possible time to go ahead with it!

This time is usually just after sunrise and just before the sun sets.

image of woman lifting a baby with setting sun as backdrop - 13 Tips To Help You Capture The Perfect Family Memories

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Timing Is Key

Another vital point to keep in mind is to time your capture of photographs or video clips at the exact moment you want them as well.

For instance, if it’s a birthday party and you are trying to take a candid shot, make sure no one blinks their eyes when the photo is taken!

This way, all those happy moments captured will remain perfectly intact for everyone involved!

It is also advised to take a series of pictures, as this allows some room for error.

Be Creative Or Go The Traditional Way

If you want to use a camera, try experimenting with different angles and styles, such as shooting from above or below your subject.

Or go the traditional way by standing in front of them!

Don’t be afraid to get creative when trying to capture that perfect family memory because it will all pay off in the end if done right!

Pay Attention To Detail

An eye for detail is priceless and easily missed in a rush of images being taken.

It’s always better to take a little extra time rather than not having enough time later on down the line.

It could mean everything between getting a fantastic shot captured or missing out altogether due to being too rushed into taking one – especially if children are involved.

Try Not To Miss The Fun

It’s important to remember that there is more going on around you than just wanting to capture an image of certain milestones or events.

Sometimes it’s better to put camera devices away, sit back and enjoy precious moments as they happen instead of worrying yourself into thinking, “I should have gotten this shot!”

Because then you’ll miss out on everything else happening in front of you right now which might turn out even more special in the end.

Try Different Devices

Sometimes we feel like we must capture memories in a certain way by using traditional devices such as cameras and phones.

But it’s important to remember that there are so many other types of tools out there for capturing moments too, which means you should never be afraid to experiment with different ones until you find the perfect one suited just for your needs!

And in some cases, you might even prefer different devices for different functions. For example, using a GoPro for action and adventure while using a mobile phone for a time-lapse and a drone for an aerial view.

Just Do It Your Way

Being an individual makes us all unique, which means that every family has their way of capturing memories or making them, whether it’s using photos or video footage.

So don’t feel like you’re doing anything wrong if you want to try something different than your friends and family because there really isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes down to this topic.

And remember, at least one person will always enjoy seeing those moments captured regardless of how they were done!

Capturing the perfect family memories is all about being patient, creative and most of all, enjoying every moment in life no matter what it may bring.

The added benefit of using these tips is that as you progress, you will improve your capturing skills and knowledge, improving you along the way.

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