12 Months of Nail Polish Challenge

12 Months of Nail Polish Challenge

With so many nail polish colors and textures, how do you ever decide on just one? Do you match your nail polish according to your outfit? Do you match your polish according to the season or a holiday? Do you paint your nails occasionally depending on your mood? Some of us have a routine, but most women paint their nails on a whim. They walk into a salon and pick a color without the color having any sort of meaning behind it. How fun would it be to paint your nails to match the month’s color?

As many of you know, everyone has a birthstone. Your birthstone is determined by the month you are born. Each month’s birthstone is a different stone (color). So why not have a little fun in 2015 and take the 12 months of Nail Polish Challenge. First of all, this is a great excuse to buy a new polish every month ladies! Secondly, it is something fun you can do with your friends. You can see who can find the color that matches that month’s stone the best. Post them on social media with the hashtag #12MonthsofPolish. It also gives you motivation to paint your nails every month!

12 Months of Nail Polish Challenge

Below is the Monthly Birthstone Chart with the colors that you can paint your nails each month! You can use this chart or search the Internet for other charts! Have fun and always remember to pamper yourselves ladies!


  • January- Garnet (Red/Multi-Colored)
  • February- Amethyst (Purple)
  • March- Aquamarine (Light Blue)
  • April- Diamond (Clear/White/Glitter)
  • May- Emerald (Green)
  • June- Pearl/Alexandrite (White/Light Purple)
  • July- Ruby (Red)
  • August- Peridot (Lime Green)
  • September- Sapphire (Blue)
  • October- Opal (Multi-colored/light pink)
  • November- Topaz (Orange/Gold)
  • December- Turquoise (Blue)

To get you started on your challenge check out Julep. Julep is a monthly subscription box which sends you three nail polishes (or other make up if you want). It can be random or you can choose. This is not a sponsored post but by clicking the banner below and purchasing we will receive a small kick back. I am a Julep Maven — their polymer top coat is a-maze-ing. It’s worth buying even if you do not subscribe. PS Try it for FREE.

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