10 Signs Your Child is Addicted to their Mobile Device

So you think your Child is addicted to their Mobile Device . . . who are we really talking about here?

So you think your Child is addicted to their Mobile Device . . . who are we really talking about here?

Having tweens in my house, it is so easy to see that their mobile devices have become an addiction.

Who has the Addiction issue here?

Let’s face it, many parents also have a cell phone addiction or a general technology addiction. 

If you are new to the tween or teen world, I wanted to share some signs that your tween is addicted to their mobile device.

#1. The mobile device never leaves their side.

#2. Your tween never looks up from their phone.

#3. Your tween texts you that they need something instead of coming to ask you. My son loves to text “good night Mom”.

#4. They charge their mobile device 3-4 times a day (and it doesn’t have a charging problem).

#5. Your tween spends 5-12 hours on their mobile device a day.

#6. Instead of hanging out with their friends, they are hanging out with their phone.

#7. They may admit that they are addicted to their device.

#8. You get into fights with your tween about putting their phone down and actually accomplishing something in their day.

#9. You take away their mobile device just to spend time with them.

#10. You turn off the WiFi so that things will get done around the house.

Some of these signs are really sad, at least they make me sad. I am happy to tell you that there are solutions out there.

Teens and tweens no longer be addicted to their phones if you can help it.

According to CNN “Half of teens think they’re addicted to their smartphones.”

It’s time to do something about it and help tweens and teens help themselves.

You can modify your Tween’s behaviour with Science-based ways to break your phone addiction:

  • “Don’t” say “can’t”: You can always check your phone. But decide to be the kind of person who doesn’t.

  • Proximity is destiny: Put your phone across the room and laziness becomes a superpower.

  • Use a “stopping rule”: Leaving the house with your phone at 5 percent battery is extreme… but it’ll work.

  • You don’t break habits. You replace them: Good apps up front. Evil apps must be downloaded.

  • Dr. Jekyll, prepare for Mr. Hyde: Give your phone to a friend before you drink so the werewolf can’t drunk-text exes.


10 Signs Your Child is Addicted to their Mobile Devices



I want to hear from you!

Do you have a family member addicted to their mobile device in your house?

What do you do to curb the addiction?

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