10 Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language

Curious to learn these 10 Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language?

  1. Benefits for the Brain – intelligence boost
  2. Language Acquisition – learning process
  3. Cultural Understanding- respect
  4. Socializing – communication skills
  5. Traveling and Getting Around – perspective
  6. Creativity – cognitive boost
  7. Future Job Opportunities – useful skills
  8. Delay Brain Aging – mental health
  9. Empathy vs. Prejudice – deep understanding
  10. Creating a Multicultural World – respectful understanding

Every parent knows how important it is to ensure their kids have a quality childhood, filled with opportunities to grow, develop, and improve.

We all strive to create the best opportunities for our kids and help them become the people we’ll be proud of.

This is why it’s important to learn about the benefits of learning a foreign language as a child.

Although English is one of the most prominent languages in the world, we should not limit our children to speaking solely one language.

The truth is, learning a foreign language is extremely beneficial for your child and their mental development.

If you’re curious to find out more, keep reading and check out the 10 reasons for kids to learn a foreign language.


If you’re curious to find out more, keep reading and check out the 10 reasons for kids to learn a foreign language.

1. Benefits for the Brain

Children should constantly be exposed to new things which evoke curiosity and activate their brain, so as to help them develop properly.

Learning a foreign language is the perfect way to help your kids:

  • develop mentally
  • improve memory
  • boost intelligence

 Language learning is known to benefit cognitive abilities and leave a permanent positive effect on our brain.

Make sure your child has the opportunity to grow mentally and become more self-aware.


2. Language Acquisition

Language acquisition is the process of acquiring a language, learning how to use it to communicate and understand others.

What’s interesting about language acquisition is that research shows younger children are better at mastering this skill, rather than older children and adults.

To put it simply, the younger the children are, the easier it is for them to acquire a language.

Therefore, you shouldn’t waste time and wait until your child is older. Have them learn a foreign language as soon as possible, to make full use of their language acquisition capacity.


3. Cultural Understanding

It’s extremely important for your child to understand the importance of respecting cultural differences, and appreciating other peoples’ customs.

Learning a foreign language is encompassed with learning about other cultures and their characteristics. In other words, your child will:

  • broaden their horizons
  • learn to respect differences
  • become culturally aware
  • resist stereotyping

 In addition, your child would develop cultural self-awareness and learn to respect the values imposed by their own culture.


4. Socializing

The world is an open book and knowing more than one language can help your child explore it more freely and without reservation.

Thanks to their language skills, your kids can:

  • socialize with people from all over
  • make more friends
  • communicate with more people

Important Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language – it will open a lot of doors for your child.

It will enable them to socialize with more people, enjoy their company and learn to share their ideas.


5. Traveling and Getting Around

Traveling, exploring new destinations, and setting out to learn about unknown places is something everyone should be able to do freely.

Learning a foreign language would help your child experience the true beauty of traveling abroad and immersing into other cultures.

They would be able to:

  • mingle with the locals
  • learn about unknown destinations
  • relax and enjoy their time abroad
  • experience new locations to the fullest

Knowing a foreign language will definitely change the way your child travels and have a positive effect on their overall travel experience.


6. Creativity

Language learning is known to boost more than just cognitive abilities of the brain.

In fact, it can help your child boost their creativity.

Thanks to the differences between two languages, a child speaking them will be able to:

  • develop divergent thinking
  • explore the same thing from different angles
  • become better at critical thinking
  • become creative in problem-solving

Kristin Savage an expert at help your child explore it more freely agrees that “Language learning can make your child a more creative, divergent, and open-minded person.“

An effective opportunity to begin learning a language is through Afterschooling programs.


7. Future Job Opportunities

Even though there’s a long way to your child’s first employment, it’s never too soon to start learning new things and acquiring new skills.

In the business world, knowing more than one language can be a significant benefit and advantage when it comes to finding a job.

Being bilingual or speaking two languages will help your child:

  • find a job easier
  • explore different employment options
  • stand out from their competitors
  • expand their business reach to a global level

Being able to communicate with people outside of your country is a huge advantage and something your child will benefit from.


8. Delay Brain Aging

Language learning will have long-term beneficial effects for your child’s overall mental health.

Research shows that speaking more than one language delays dementia and brain aging.

In other words, learning a foreign language will help your child:

  • preserve their mental health
  • revert brain aging
  • delay or avoid dementia

Language learning is a beautiful way to work on mental health preservation.


9. Empathy vs. Prejudice

Learning a foreign language will help your child develop empathy instead of prejudice.

This is thanks to the power of language learning which includes:

  • realizing we’re all different
  • not seeing ourselves as unique, special, or dominant
  • being open towards any race, nationality, skin color, or social status

Instead of judging other people, kids will develop empathy and deep understanding.


10. Creating a Multicultural World

Finally, by providing your child with an opportunity to learn a foreign language you’re making them apart of something beautiful.

Your child will take part in the creation of a multicultural world, in which people are respectful towards one another and different cultures are intertwined.


Final Thoughts on these 10 Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language

These Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language will do nothing but benefit your child.

From cognitive skills development and preserving their mental health, to creating a better future for themselves, there’s no question about the powerful effects of learning a foreign language.

Make sure to read all the benefits we’ve enlisted and make a smart choice about investing in your child’s future.


Elisa Abbot is a writer and editor who has a Master degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Elisa is thirsty for knowledge and is always on the lookout for tips to share with her readers.
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