Winter Scavenger Hunt With Free Printable

Winter Scavenger Hunt With Free Printable

I love winter! The crispness of the cold air on your face (and lungs), the fresh powder of snow on the ground and the endless activities you can do as a family! However, sometimes winter can drag and your kids may find themselves bored or just doing the same thing over and over again!

A winter scavenger hunt, bucket list or to do list can make each month go by with different things to do. Some activities you might be trying for the first time or they could be your families favourite thing to do!

Winter Scavenger Hunt With Free Printable

Click on the image below to open in a new page and print. 

Thinking Outside The Sandbox Winter Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever painted snow before? Check out this DIY Snow Paint post.

Looking for winter crafts to do? Check out 5 Winter Crafts for Kids!

What’s your favourite winter activity to do as a family?

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