Why Night Lights are a Perfect Child Sleep Aid

It’s 3am and there’s a noise – in this article you will learn why Night Lights are a perfect Child sleep aid.

You’re not sure where it’s coming from; it could be the fridge, the kitchen roof, or the side gate banging around in the wind.

Whatever the noise is, you’re fairly certain it’s probably nothing of concern, and you gradually settle back into counting sheep.

Hidden monsters (and things that go bump in the night) are much more traumatic for children.

Their incredible imagination (and slightly inferior reasoning ability) leads to thoughts which can overwhelm and upset them, leading to a loss of quality sleep which can affect their health and development.

This difference is why it’s important to find effective ways to ensure your child isn’t so afraid of the dark.

A great way to do this is through installing a night light – a luminous beacon of safety for the darkest reaches of the mind.


It’s 3am and there’s a noise - in this article you will learn why Night Lights are a perfect Child sleep aid.


Red Versus Blue

Firstly, not all night lights are made equal.

A quality baby night light is designed to help your baby or child sleep, and is designed to provide just the right amount of light and luminescence.

Recent studies have shown that the colour of light can affect our ability to sleep and maintain rest.

Note that traditional blue light being shown to produce poorer sleep outcomes.

In contrast to blue light, red light is associated with more restful and better quality sleep.

It also creates sleep which lasts for longer and is shown to be more refreshing.

If you’re wanting to buy the most effective and proven night light, opt for red rather than blue.   


Comfort & Care

In terms of providing comfort, a night light can mean the difference between a dream and a nightmare.

For young children, the darkness of a room can seem alienating and can provoke feelings which are unpleasant and unwelcome.

In order to mitigate this, a night light can provide a small amount of consistent and dependable light which assures your child that all is not dark (or scary).

It’s a small comfort which can establish a sense of trust and calm, leading to a sleep without the dread of the unknown.


Why Night Lights are a Perfect Child Sleep Aid


Cost Effective

Night lights are cheap to run and they’re almost impossible to break. This benefit is great for homes with children (or pets) who are prone to causing damage.

LED light (which is the type of light used in quality night lights) is incredibly cost effective and lasts for a very long time, leading to devices which last longer than you might expect.

It’s also less prone to overheating or shorting – meaning that you’re unlikely to experience significant safety concerns.


Safe & Sound

A night light will provide you with the assurance of safety should your child need to get up at night.

As it’s ‘always on’, a night light can lessen the chances of bumps, knocks and broken bones by providing a source of steady light which can help them to navigate in the night.

A night light can also provide convenience if you need to feed your baby in the small hours.

The small LED provides unobtrusive light which will cause you less fatigue (than regular fluorescent or incandescent light).

And they allow you to settle back into sleep more quickly when feed time is over.


It’s 3am and there’s a noise - in this article you will learn why Night Lights are a perfect Child sleep aid.


Why Night Lights are a Perfect Child Sleep Aid

And finally – there’s no reason to go on fearing the darkness – Why Night Lights are a Perfect Child Sleep Aid.

Night lights are a great way to provide comfort to your baby, your child or to your entire family.

They’re an effective and low-cost way to alleviate feelings of discomfort.

And night lights create a safer, more peaceful environment in which to rest.


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