When Your Toddler is Being a Picky Eater – From a Dad’s Perspective.

When Your Toddler is Being a Picky Eater

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Lately, getting my daughter to eat has been as simple as putting food down in front of her.

But it hasn’t always been that easy.

She’s gone through phases where she’s been as picky as cactuses are prickly and I can hardly get her to eat anything.

Generally, she’s been sick or teething at those times. But regardless, it has been quite frustrating.

I’ve resorted to many tricks along the way to make sure she was getting her nutrients.

I don’t feel great about tricking her. But I can rationalize it because I was doing it for her own good.

When she wouldn’t eat, I would make sure she was getting liquid vitamins in her drinks.

When she wouldn’t drink, I put vitamins in her food, waiting for her to eventually pick up her sippy cup and drink something.

There were times she would only want yogurt. So, I mashed up some fruit and re-pureed it into the yogurt. She didn’t notice and I felt better because at least she was eating some fresh fruit too.

My specialty, when she’s being especially fussy, is to use a drink cup she recognizes as normally being a treat (think of a fast food drink). I can put anything in that cup and she will drink it up like there is no tomorrow. In her mind, she thinks it’s a treat.

In reality, it could be water, milk or juice.

I never thought I would deceive my child like this. But, there are times when she’s just slapping away all the food or drinks I put in front of her.

At least this way, I know she’s getting some healthy food into her body.

Does that make me a bad dad? I hope not.

But in reality, if it does, I think I’m OK with it.

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