How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family?

How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day as a Family?

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Anytime I go into a store lately there is Valentine’s Day stuff everywhere. You can’t seem to miss it.

The day in itself has never been huge to me. I wasn’t one to sit and hope for flowers or a special night out. For the longest time I considered it just another way for stores to make money. Now there are children involved, I don’t see it in quiet the same light anymore.  Sure in a lot of ways I don’t see the point in spending a whole bunch of money on single day. But I do see the point in doing something with the day for the sake of the children.

We get a couple little treats for the kids, usually a stuffed animal and a small chocolate or something little. My husband and I don’t get gifts for each other.  We make sure to have a family night meal. If it fits in the schedule we go out, if it doesn’t that’s ok to. Usually we will play a game with the kids or read an extra book with them. After bedtime my husband and I will watch some of our PVR’d shows or a movie. We use Valentine’s Day to as a reminder to show everyone that you care about them. We don’t use the day as an excuse to spend money and buy gifts.

For us, I would rather our kids see us happy spending time together, rather than seeing us buying gifts once a year because there is a special day.  What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Do your kids have traditions as well? 

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