Top 3 Online Children Learning Sites

Top 3 Online Children Learning Sites

With so many Online Children Games and learning sites, it is easy to get lost or inconsistent in which ones to follow. Many of the educational sights keep track of progress and your child can even earn rewards, so when you flip back and forth through so many sites it can get frustrating and there ends up being no real organization to the learning time regimen. I have a 5 year old son entering Kindergarten in a few weeks and we are nearing the end of a very busy summer. We moved over 8o miles away and my husband travels more with his new job, so I have had to give him his learning time via online sites when I was so busy with the changes. So, I put together a list of my favorites after many months of research and watching my son interact on these sites. I am not including any affiliate links, just direct links so you can explore these sites for yourself.


1.Power My Learning  Grades K-12 Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science, Art, Music, Technology & World Languages. Extras: Your Life has tools for career building, college  finance planning Rewards: earn stickers for your sticker books!

   Power My Learning is easy to navigate and includes some games with recognized characters such as Curious George. They are undergoing a site redesign promising even better features as requested by us Mom’s who frequent the site. The new site will launch Sept 3rd! Resource links for Parents, Educators and Students. 

2. Starfall Grades: PreK-4 Subjects: Reading, Music, Art Extras: Learn Time, Seasons, some Math Rewards: None

    I chose this site as a Top 3 because it is the very first site I started my son on at age 3. My Mom uses this site in her 3rd grade classroom and it is so easy to navigate. Clutter free pages, large arrows so kids know where to navigate next. I love the Earth Day and seasonal games as they learn responsibility and a lot of reasoning skills. A great site for the very young learning to navigate with a mouse online.

3. Reading Eggs Grades PreK-3 Subjects: Reading, Spelling, Writing Extras: Apps and the newest project only a few months old is called Assessment tests Rewards: Earn Golden Eggs that are redeemed for more games

    This is a great site for the child that thrives on a rewards system. I chose this one because your kids can visit any game or Story Land to earn 1 common item, the Golden Eggs and then save them up to redeem later. This site does an excellent job teaching the core curriculum meant to use phonics and sight words to sustain their reading success. You can easily pair this with what they are learning in the classroom.

This list was inspired and created by me, a real Mom with a 5 year old and opinions are my own. To sum up why I chose these 3 sites over other’s is that my son really interacted the best with these sites. You get a site that offers a lot of variety of online learning subjects, a site great for the younger children learning to use the computer and a site focusing on the latest curriculum standards to sustain your child’s reading skills. All I recommend is introduce your child to only 1 or 2 sites and let them tell you what they like best. I give my son Learning Time where I choose the subject, but he chooses the game. If he gets stuck on one game too much, I tell him that I choose the game, he chooses the subject! It really is best to use what works for you and your child. 

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