3 Time Saving Kitchen Hacks

3 Time Saving Kitchen Hacks

Back to school is right around the corner for us and that means many nights of homework and after school activities. I try to keep my kitchen time to a minimum especially until I get into the groove of our new school schedule. I love to cook, it’s something I have always enjoyed doing but shaving off a few minutes here and there makes the world of difference on those busy days after the kids come home from school. 

Here are 3 of my favorite Time Saving Kitchen Hacks

Prep your fruits and veggies when you get home from the store.

I chop and or cut everything I know I am using for a recipe that week so its ready to go when I am ready. I wash and cut up all of my fruit. I also proportion all of my cut up fruit into little containers making for a quick grab and go snack or school lunches. 

Clean your kitchen as you cook dinner.

I got into this habit about a year ago and has made my nights so much easier. I load the dishwasher, hand wash what needs to be hand washed or even wipe down some of the counters and fronts. You are in the kitchen anyway so you might as well take advantage of those extra minutes in between stirring and simmering. 

Make a double batch.

Anytime I am cooking a favorite meal I keep on rotation I always make at least a double batch. Cook it once eat it twice. This works great for my pasta sauce, meatballs, chili, soups or taco meat. Really you can freeze mostly anything as long as you package it right. With my pasta dishes those are ones I do not freeze, I prep the marinara sauce and make the pasta fresh that night. 

These time-saving kitchen hacks have saved me so much time, especially on these busier nights that are coming up. 

Do you have any favorite time-saving kitchen hacks?

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