The FIVE Best Ways For Moms To Stay Active

The FIVE Best Ways For Moms To Stay Active

Being a mom is hard, being an active mom is even harder. There are many things that hold us back, time (alone), energy, finances. There is one thing that should not hold moms back, and that is our bodies. 

The FIVE Best Ways For Moms To Stay Active

Involve the children.

Over the past few years I have increased my families frequency of walking to school. Walking definitely takes more time (especially with a baby, toddler and preschooler to drag along). The time investment will give your family a bit of exercise. Kid’s concentrate better in class when they get up and get moving before school. This means that not only will your bodies thank you, but so will your children’s teachers.

Every little bit counts.

Did your mom agree to watch the kids for 30 minutes, or does the gym have childcare that your children will only stay at for 20 minutes before missing you? Take it. Being active does not need to take all day or happen all at once. 

Break it up.

Walk the kids to school, pop into the gym (or do a workout at home) and head for a swim with the kids after dinner. Each day can be different, variety will likely keep you motivated, but you do need to be deliberate and focused.

Try something new.

I recently started taking a Tae Kwon Do class. My boys went and the school had a policy that after two family members attended, the rest of the family could attend for free. I love it. It is adult only, and there a number of other moms just like me. I am not overly competitive, so that helps. I do it for fitness, not to get a black belt, but simply to get moving. It is 8-9pm which means I can help my hubby get the kids to bed and sneak out. Get creative and look into what is available in your area.

Be prepared.

As I learned when I started Tae Kwon Do, movement, especially for moms, can cause some, well, unwelcomed side effects. 35 million women have Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) which can be triggered by activities such as coughing, sneezing or exercise. Poise Impressa is designed to prevent leaks and let you stay active, without worry. 

Designed for the temporary management of Stress Urinary Incontinence, Poise Impressa Bladder Supports do not absorb leaks — they help prevent them.

Stopping leaks starts with the Impressa Sizing Kit. Impressa comes in three different sizes, and the Sizing Kit helps you find your most effective and comfortable internal fit. Each kit includes six bladder supports (two of each size), along with a $4 coupon toward a 10-count Single-Size Pack of Impressa.

Staying active does not need to be difficult and does not need to be embarrassing. Step out of your comfort zone and set a great example for your children and involve them in your lifestyle change. 

What do you do to stay active?

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