The Big Five Energy Users In Your Home: Helping Your Family Decrease Energy Use

The Big Five Energy Users In Your Home: Helping Your Family Decrease Energy Use

We all have them, family members and friends that just don’t recognize that saving electricity initially needs to be deliberate, but will slowly become second nature. Check out the characters below and see which of them occupy your house.

The Big Five Energy Users In Your Home: Helping Your Family Decrease Energy Use

Chilly Charlene

We all know the ‘cold girl’. The one who is always cold, but never wears her sweater. Charlene needs someone to lend her a pair of slippers and warm her up with a cup of tea. Open the curtains and let in the natural light, but keep in mind closing them will keep in the heat.

Button Pusher Billy

In our home we have several Billys. Billy turns on every light, and all electronic devices. Billy however, is incapable of using his button pusher to turn anything off. I have used gentle reminders with no avail. The only solution I have found is to add motion sensor lighting and being sure that all electronics are powered off at night.

Forgetful Flora

Flora is a victim of distraction. After cooking dinner, Flora will leave the oven on for hours. She is also known for adding warm food to the fridge and leaving the fridge door open. Help Flora by encouraging her to use a timer when cooking and use a microwave or crockpot to cook when she can. 

Well-Meaning William

William is very helpful, but could use some direction. He loves to help by throwing in a load of laundry, or moving wet clothes into the dryer. However, he doesn’t know which clothing can be happily washed on cold, or that adding a dry towel to your dryer load will decrease drying time and he NEVER empties the lint trap. Laundry help is on every mom’s wishlist, but make sure the help, is actually helpful.

Not-So-Handy Manny

Maybe some youtube videos can help Manny. He wants to be ‘Mr. Fix-It’, but lacks some simple skills. Search for ‘how to stop a dripping sink‘ or ‘reduce your hot water tank temperature’ and Manny will quickly turn into Handy Manny.

If you want to get help decreasing your energy bills, why not join Team Power Smart? You will not just save energy but you can also earn a reward for doing so.

Check out our post on 10 Ways To Reduce Your Household Energy Use In October to find even more ways to save!

If you are looking for a really unique way of creating electricity, you should check out the Smart Cycle – a human powered work station that turns kinetic energy to usable power – brought to you by BC Hydro.

Check it out at the BC Hydro booth at the Vancouver Home and Design Show from October 22 to October 25.


• The Pedal powered work station showcases forward thinking and innovation that allows people to charge their essentials (phones / tablets) while putting health at the forefront.

• Creates green energy that can be used instantly and stored 

• An app interface provides users their speed, distance, energy created and charging status of their device

• Battery allows you store energy to “pay it forward” for use by others or for 

• The station uses USB charging thus perfect for charging the daily essentials, smart phones and tablets.

• A full battery can charge 4 mobile phones and approximately Two Tablets

This post was brought to you by BC Hydro, all thoughts are our own.

Time for you to come clean. Which of these characters do you have in your house?

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