Ten Reasons I’m A Terrible Mom

We all feel like terrible Moms sometimes, but we can't set unreachable standards. We have to be the best Moms we can.

Let’s face it, we all have our moments where it feels like we are failing. Today, with some serious sleep deprivation, I am feeling this way. I’m not sure if it will help, but I decided to compile a list to see how much of a terrible mom I really am.


Ten Reasons I’m A Terrible Mom

I’m writing this while watching my kids play outside.

I’m wondering what the writer of the post ‘dear mom on her iPhone at the playground’ would think of me. Personally, I like this one better. Yup, I even use my phone at the park. I try to convince myself that I am usually working, but am I always working when I am staring at the phone with the kids around? Nope. Sometimes I should put the screen down and pay attention.

My kids watch tv.

I was thrilled when my little boy (2) started watching 20-30 minutes of tv. I need the break, to work or to relax. My older boys watch more tv than the little ones, but I will be completely honest, sometimes I use the tv as a babysitter.

They eat sugar, I’m not going Vegan or non-GMO.

I think there are a lot of things to be worried about when raising kids. Is the iPad emitting radiation, are they safe forward facing after 2, to vaccinate or not. There are so many choices and important decisions in parenting. I can only do what I can do. I cannot control the world and I need to focus my energy on what I feel is the most important.

They don’t always match.

My kids look like orphans sometimes. Sometimes they dress themselves. To make matters worse, I have {at least} two kids that are colour blind. This is a recipe for style disaster.

My house is sometimes often a mess.

I’m not Suzy homemaker. Not by a long shot. My house is not disgusting, but I certainly hope no one comes over unannounced.

I yell.

Does anyone else have kids who don’t seem to hear you unless you are yelling? Ya, me too. My parents never yelled. And I mean never. I’m not sure how. I’m still trying to learn their secret. Perhaps they did, which would be even more reassuring that maybe my children will not remember my moments of weakness.

I’m lazy.

It’s human nature to do as little as possible. Sometimes I let that get the best of me. My kids are pretty good at forcing me to get up off the couch. They’ve learned what makes me run, toilet lids slamming, the fridge door opening, silence, and the list goes on.

I put my needs and desires before theirs.

This certainly isn’t true all the time, or the kids would not survive. But it does happen. For instance, my just turned 2-year-old is begging to be potty trained. He’s showing all the cues and with a few days of my dedication, I could help him succeed. But it’s just not the right time. I cannot dedicate a week of my life to staying home and getting it done. I’ve not set a date of when I can commit to potty training, and this is weighing heavily on my mind.

I don’t always warn my kids when I am leaving.

This is completely selfish. I work two shifts a week as a registered nurse and all the parenting advice will tell you to be sure to say goodbye before leaving your kids. I can’t handle any more guilt related to working outside the home. I know they still get upset, but I can’t watch it happen and my husband is able to handle it once I am gone.

I’m going on vacation, to Disneyland without them.

I have talked about my trip with Allegiant and Orange County Visitors and Convention Bureau over the last few weeks. It’s eating me alive. In attempts to compensate for this, I booked a trip to Great Wolf Lodge 2 weeks after I get back. Yes, I am trying to buy their forgiveness.

Do you have some similar failures? I would love to hear from you below!

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