Starting Your Spring Cleaning

Welcome Spring and the weather that you bring! I am a lover of sun, in fact I am very unproductive on grey days. It is that lovely time of year where so many of you are spring cleaning, and I am joining you for the first time in years, this past Fall was the first time we haven’t moved and purged in years, therefore I get to Spring clean my house.

Starting Your Spring Cleaning

Starting Your Spring Cleaning

Start room by room

What room of your house is the room you first tidy up when company is coming? Start with that room. For me, it’s my kitchen, because not only do I worry about dirty dishes but my desk is in the breakfast nook, and everyone piles everything on my desk.

40 Bags in 40 Days

Personally, if I can get rid of 40 bags of stuff, I’m not going to have a whole of stuff left. BUT maybe decide on one bag per room. Which I can got on board with, and leave me with about 5-10 bags of stuff gone from my house.

Toy Room Clean Up

Maybe it’s time to practice your smuggling skills and smuggle some toys out of your kids room. When I notice that there are toys that my kids aren’t playing with anymore, or maybe they are out growing them, I like to sneak them away and hide them in our basement. If they ask about them, maybe I will go get them, or sometimes I have been known to tell a little white lie and simply say I don’t know where they are.

Maybe the same thing goes for your own stuff, put it in the basement, if you find you really need it, get it back out, if not, you have just cleared up some space in a room.

Donate Clothing

This is seasonal for our house. Each season as I get out clothes for my kids, I make sure to bag up everything that is in good condition still for donation. It’s nice to get them out of the house, great to give to those that need, and a great life lesson for kids.

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