Ozobot: Robot Technology For Your Tween

Ozobot: The perfect little robot for your tween.

Have you ever given thought to the idea behind robot technology? My husband and son were able to try the Ozobot and it’s one of the coolest pieces of technology out there for kids and adults alike.

Ozobot: Robot Technology For Your Tween

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Ozobots aren’t your everyday robot, this little bot takes kids on a journey through creative drawing, problem solving, and group challenges. Kids who use the Ozobot get introduced to all sorts of life skills that will help them learn and achieve great things in their lifetime.

My husband and son spent hours just getting to know how the Ozobot worked and testing it out. One of the first things my son said is that “this is one smart robot” and it’s so true!

World of play. One of the best parts of Ozobot is that you’re not just learning, but learning through play!

There are actually Ozobot friendly games, tracks, and mazes that you can download and keep busy with for hours!

Ozobot: robot technology for your tween

Here are some more cool features of the Ozobot!

Cool Features

• Program loading using light communication. No need for cables or Bluetooth – you can load your commands onto the robot through flashing lights!

• Built-in interactive reference guide, examples and challenges to get you started.

• JavaScript preview mode (coming soon). See your block-based program transform into JavaScript code.

• OzoBlockly works in most modern web browsers running on PCs, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and iOS and Android tablets.

If you’d like to see firsthand how the Ozobot works, watch the Ozobot video right here.

Ozobot Bit takes the award-winning Ozobot robot to a whole new level of programming by giving users the power to fully control movement and behavior using its custom block-based programming editor, OzoBlockly (www.ozoblockly.com).

Grab your own Ozobot. Ozobot Bit – Age 8+ – $59.99 – Exclusively sold on ozobot.com and amazon.com – Available NOW.

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