10 Non-Candy Easter Treats to Thrill Your Kids

Non-Candy Easter Treats 

Non-Candy Easter Treats

If you’re anything like me, then you’re often on the lookout for healthy alternative 10 Non-Candy Easter Treats for your children for the holidays. To make it easy I’ve rounded up entertaining Easter Treats. Sometimes it seems as though my children are overloaded with sugar during Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. So, this year, I decided to search for some things that my children would love just as much as candy! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be! Having fun with Crafts or Toys is more sustainable than playing with candy and more interesting and fun! How many different creatures can you make with Playdoh? Imagine the theatre inventing characters with Finger Puppets. And when the Sun comes out get the whole family outside to create drawings with Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk. When it rains run inside and grab your favorite Slinky Jr. and walk it down the stairs. Don’t tell the kids they have Easter Chocolate Rubber Ducks because they will just eat them first and make a mess. After you lose control and need to settle them down give them the Colorings and Activity Books to draw in and work on.

Easter Treats 


Perler Beads

Finger Puppets

Temporary Tattoos

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk


Easter Bubbles

Slinky Jr.

Easter Chocolate Rubber Ducks

Coloring/Activity Books


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