Napping Nicely On Vacation With PeaPod Plus #totstravels

Napping Nicely On Vacation With PeaPod Plus #totstravels

Napping and vacation go hand in hand, right? Perhaps not for me, as I traveled last month with 5 kids to the Caribbean, but the babies certainly napped soundly.

My babies are very flexible. Napping on the go and in unusual places, but I was concerned about finding a place for them to nap that was not only comfortable but also shaded and safe. My kids have often slept in a stroller, but I always worry that they will wake up the moment my eyes are off them and they will squirm out of their seatbelt and fall.

I found the perfect solution!

Napping Nicely On Vacation With PeaPod Plus


Napping Nicely On Vacation With PeaPod Plus

The PeaPod Plus made by KidCo is a padded and sheltered napping environment. Now I would never suggest children being left unattended, but this solution certainly eased my concern.

Napping Nicely On Vacation With PeaPod Plus

The PeaPod is lightweight and easy to pack and to carry. It fit nicely into our suitcase and my husband carried it over his shoulder to destinations that we thought might warrant a nap. Folding it up took some finesse initially. It folds and pops itself back up similar to some tents.

It was slightly larger than I initially expected, which turned out to be a good thing, so I could get my two youngest in there together. 

Napping Nicely On Vacation With PeaPod PlusThe side windows can remain closed, or just a mesh. The main ‘door’ can be wide open, or have the mosquito netting closed. This would be very useful when we spend the summer at the cabin that has it’s fair share of bugs! I am looking forward to using the PeaPod this summer.

You can buy a PeaPod in the USA HERE or in Canada HERE. Or better yet, win one below~

PeaPod Plus

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Napping Nicely On Vacation With PeaPod Plus

The PeaPod Plus was provided to me at no cost in order to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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