If you have found your way to this page, you likely already know what a great site we run. We are a PR FRIENDLY blog, and we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies and PR firms over the past 3 years.

Below you will get a taste of some of our absolute favourite posts. We enjoy working with different types of companies and organizations here at TOTS. Because we are first and foremost moms, we love letting our kids get involved by sharing their experiences with kid friendly toys and games.

We have excellent photography skills and prefer to share real life images. We also love to travel with our children. Being the mom of 5 doesn’t mean I just stay home and clean up the mess (although perhaps I should). We are open to travel opportunities with or without the children (but honestly prefer to travel WITH them).

We use the hashtags #TOTSTravels and #TOTSReno to keep our followers engaged throughout social media.

We encourage you to take a peek at some of these posts and see what TOTS can offer to your company. Also be sure to check out our ‘About Us’ page to learn a bit more about us.

If you have any questions, please contact us: info at

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