How to Keep Your Floors Cleaner, Longer

Maybe I am just sensitive to it right now, but is summer the WORST for dirty floors? How to Keep Your Floors Cleaner, Longer

Maybe I am just sensitive to it right now, but is summer the WORST for dirty floors – I need my floors cleaner?

It is important to keep my floors cleaner, longer.

My kids are in and out all day long. To the sprinkler, almost always without shoes on.

I have white tile floors. As you can imagine, my floors are a mess. 

I have come up with some ways to mitigate some of the mess, and ways to clean it faster.

To keep floors cleaner, longer, follow these points.

How to Keep Your Floors Cleaner, Longer

Use Mats

This is a huge benefit for us.

We have large floor mats at both the front and the back door.

Wet feet get dried off, and some of the mess gets left behind.

I also find that it helps to remind the kids (and visitors) of point two. 

Always take your Shoes Off

It is tempting to just leave shoes on while you make a quick run to grab a bottle of water (or in my case coffee).

Don’t do it. It is a lot quicker to take your shoes off than to clean up the mess.

My children know this routine very well.

Visitors occasionally walk in without taking theirs off, but when they see the mat and 7 pairs of shoes, they tend to remove theirs as well. 

Teach Kids to get Involved

As you can see from my pictures, I involve my kids in cleaning very early.

These little guys helping me are three and five years old.

They are perfectly able to pick up the shoes, the LOVE to vacuum and clearly try to mop too.

They didn’t actually do a terrible job either! Having six kids means that everyone has to share the work.

How to Keep Your Floors Cleaner, Longer

Get the right Equipment

I have talked about cleaning supplies in the past and I will mention it again.

Having the right supplies can make your cleaning routine run a lot smoother.

I have recently received a Libman Tornado Mop and the Wonder Mop, as well as a Precision Angle Broom and Dustbin.

These products are now available at Home Depot Canada.

Even with my kids helping, the mops had my floor sparkling in just moments.

I haven’t decided which mop I prefer on my tile versus the hardwood. I will keep you posted as I continue to use them.

Designate a Specific time to Clean the Floors

I can vividly remember my mother chasing us out of the kitchen when she had just cleaned the floors.

Wait, she still does! I always do my mopping while my little ones are napping.

If the older kids are not helping, I also try to pop on the TV or bring out a puzzle to keep them from underfoot. 

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