How To Own Part of an Organic Farm and Eco-Retreat

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to own a farm. I never knew what kind of farm I wanted to own, but I always loved the thought of it. Well, if you’re like me and have always wanted to own part of a farm, now you can!

For the first time ever, you can be part of a crowd- funded profitable organic farm. This is a unique and very innovative way to bring power back to the people in the form of sustainable investment choices. Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat is one of Canada’s first equity powered crowdfund platforms. I keep saying this but what does it mean?

When you invest in Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat you are doing the following:

You are going to own a piece of a farm.

Making an investment with a strong return, you have a very experienced team on your hands.

More organic food will be available to Canadians.

Food will make less of a carbon footprint in our area because it won’t need to travel as far to get to its destination.

Instead of having one massive mono-crop-type industrial farm, we have diversified smaller micro-farms in multiple site locations, delivering produce to a local/regional area within 100 miles of the farm.

The nutritional value of food will increase.

I don’t know about you, but owning a piece of farmland never sounded or tasted so good. To have real, natural, and organic food so close to home sounds like a dream come true. However, it’s not just a dream. Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat is a real organization that you can invest in. Learn more about how it works right on SeedsUp Canada’s website here.

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