How a Blogger Can Save you Money This Season

How a Blogger Can Save you Money This Season

You have seen us and you follow us. If you are reading this post right now then you either visit Blog posts or stumbled upon this and know nothing about Blogging. Bloggers write for several reasons. They want to educate you on a niche or topic that they will focus that Blog on. Typically, they love sharing experiences and passing on reviews to their readers. Generally they enjoy entertaining you and sharing giveaways with you as they connect to brands. There are Blogs managed by big companies and Blogs managed by a group of professional writers. For this post, I am going to speak about the Mommy Blogs. Blogs that are run by Moms & Dads aimed at bringing you deals, advise and promotions. So how can you turn to Bloggers to help you save money? It is easy, but does take time that can really pay off for you.

Where to Start

Find some Blogs! By that I mean you will want to subscribe to their newsletters. You can Google ‘Mommy Blogs’ or ‘Review Blogs’-maybe try ‘Giveaway Blogs’ and browse. Are they offering you deals? Bringing you insightful reviews and do they offer frequent Giveaways? These are the Blogs that bring you the best formats for saving money. It is recommended you start a separate email account that you will use so your Blogger newsletters do not consume your primary email.

I also recommend signing up for the newsletters to giveaway organizing sites such as Giveaway Promote or Contest Chest. There are several out there and Google can help you ‘find sites to enter giveaways’. To start, you can always read the posts on this very Blog and at the bottom of each post is the Author Bio that you can click on and it will lead you to the Blog site we personally manage as this site happens to offer posts written by blog owners who act as contributors. You may find several Blogs run this way. 

How to Navigate a Blog

A Blog’s Homepage is the best place to start. If you get to a Blog page through a post link-perhaps from a Facebook post or you googled to a specific post of theirs you will want to click on their header or a chapter button near the header that says Homepage. There are Headers, sidebars and footers on each Blogger’s page. Depending on the Blog you could have a sidebar on both sides of the site or just one side. The header will typically give you the title and chapter/labels to guide you to certain categories.

See a Giveaway label and it will take you to all their posts that offer Giveaways for you. See a Food label-it will take you to food topics or maybe recipes for you to read. The header is your outline to what that Blog can offer you and if saving money is your purpose then I would browse for the Blogs that offer Labels such as Giveaways, Coupons, Savings, etc…

The sidebars tend to be where a Blogger will organize their links to social media accounts-where you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter. You will usually find the Newsletter or Subscription form to enter your email address in so you receive the latest postings. You will find ads that if you click on their Ad or Sponsor links you are most likely helping that Blog earn income as those Ads are there to gain attention and the Blogger will be compensated if these Ads generate clicks. So click an ad real quick while visiting for them!

You can also find their affiliations on their sidebar as well as stats and links to promotional sites. Scanning the side bar can help you find links to sites that have promotions running or may offer you a coupon code if you use the link provided on that particular Blogger’s site. Some Blogs also have Footers. Sometimes you can find promotional links, other times it is where you can find their privacy policies and some stats. 

The body or largest portion of the page will be the Posts. If you are on the Homepage you will see posts in chronological order from most recent posts and later. You can scan these for the latest news and promotions to get an idea of the type of content they publish. 

Using a Blog to Shop

As you find Blogs that interest you and as you navigate the page. Pay attention to sponsor ads they may have on their pages to stores you frequently shop at. Do you like shopping for Step2 toys? You may find Bloggers affiliated with Step2 toys and on their page is a link that will offer you a savings code to use. As you scan their posts, don’t be blind to the ones labeled reviews. Most reviews written by Blogger’s are out of a relationship they have with the brand or a PR agency and very often you may find a promo code offered in that review. Nearly 40-50% of reviews I am asked to do, I am also given some sort of promo code to share with my readers. These can also be included in Giveaway posts.

Before you are quick to scroll to a Giveaway form and ignore all that is written-read the post! I have included many promo codes in my giveaways. Last, you will notice as you Blog shop that many Bloggers offer store deals and lists. I never leave to a department store without visiting my favorite Blogs that have posted the weekly coupon match ups for me. These Bloggers will tell you what is on sale at a store and what coupons are out there (with links) so you can save even more. Have you wanted to start couponing, but are lost? Google ‘Walmart deals 10/2013’ and you will find Blog posts helping essentially to write your list of the best deals available that particular week. 

Entering Giveaways

Obviously the best way to save for Christmas is to enter a Giveaway. Win and have an item arrive on your doorstep you can use as a gift. I do this a lot and have a closet of items I won or never paid for as gifts. Blogs tend to be low entries and have about the best odds. You can google ‘Low entry giveaways’ to find specific sites who post Blogger’s giveaways that do not have many entiries and are ending soon. I have won cash, toys, beauty supplies, books and so much more entering giveaways.

Beware as it becomes addicting, but remember these points! Most giveaways have forms that will close when the Giveaway ends, but some Bloggers may ask for comments as entries on that post so pay attention that you are not commenting entries on a Giveaway that has expired. Also, use that separate email address and check it daily!! Most giveaways only give you about 48 hours to reply if you are a winner or they choose a new winner.

Check you Spam Folder for “You Won” Notifications

And many times I find I win from my SPAM folder so you need to check and clear that out daily as well. Read the rules so you are entering a giveaway available to your country or that maybe YOU are to check back to see if you are a winner. Some sites do that and you will not be notified. Keep that calendar as to when their giveaway ends and keep checking back 1-2 times daily following closing date.

Also, some giveaways allow you to come back daily to enter. For example it may say ‘Tweet about this giveaway each day for an entry’. This means you can come back everyday-tweet and give yourself another entry. If you subscribe to a Giveaway host then  you will be emailed daily all the new giveaways just listed through them. Some sites to browse Blog Giveaways are: Giveaway Promote, Contest Chest, Online-Sweepstakes, Just Sweeps, etc….

So start following Blogs so you can collect promo codes, enter giveaways and make those shopping list with coupon links. Stay organized within your email and keep a calendar handy to write contest end dates, promo codes and expirations. Click on ads to support a Blogger and shop through their links to find promo codes. And read the posts so you do not miss valuable savings or coupon alerts!

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