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I’m fresh off of a homeschool conference–my feet hurt, but I’m excited!  While I was talking to friends about the new planner I purchased, another mom overheard me and said, “I wish I ever could get around to using a planner!”  We joked about how much easier it is to buy plan books than to use them, and I frankly admitted that mine is more of a record book.  

I write down what we did after the fact!  But when I can organize myself, I do enjoy filling that plan book up ahead of time, and it’s a big help.  Here’s what I do:

Inventory Materials and Fill In Gaps

I spend a LOT of time making pin boards and amazon wishlists of potential materials and projects.  I squeeze this in at bedtime as my “winding down” activity, which doesn’t work well since it’s work and also rather exciting many times.  

We recently studied Ancient Greece.  I went through my materials on hand first.  I went through the library next, and my homeschooling sister-in-law let me borrow a stack of books.  

This yielded plenty of information and activities, really, but just to make sure I didn’t miss anything awesome, I took a peek at Amazon and found some fun read-alouds and interactive books.   

Schedule a Block of Time and Gather Materials

Planning is most efficient if you can do a lot at once, so give yourself a couple of hours to work. I am hoping to plan over a month’s worth of work in my next session.  Otherwise, it really won’t get done.

 I like to physically have all my books right beside me.  This helps me remember to include everything and I can look up page numbers right away.  

As soon as I’ve done all the planning I need to for a book, I put it away and my dwindling pile is a visual encouragement that I really am making progress.  

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Start Writing in your Homeschool Plan Book

I go through each book and write the title and page numbers down for each day’s work.   Sometimes I pre-plan before this point.  For example, we are studying the human body for science.  

Before I wrote anything in the plan book, I made a chart to note which subjects were covered in which books and what weeks we would cover them.  Last week was lungs; this week is bones.  

I recommend pencil!  Which isn’t to say I actually use pencil myself. :). But an important thing to note about plans is that they change.  Often, as a rule.  

Some days, many days, you won’t get to everything.  I have plenty of circles and arrows in my plan book, and it’s ok.  It’s a tool–I do what I have to to make it useful.  

When I was a little girl, my mom was a teacher, and the thing that most intrigued me was her plan book.  How lucky I am that I get to use one now!

Do you use a Homeschool Plan Book as part of your routine? Please comment below. 

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