Home Alone: The Last Stay At Home Kid

Home Alone: The Last Stay At Home Kid

This year both of my daughters will be in elementary school which means it will just be my 3 year old little Buddie boy at home. I thought this would be a time for celebration and excitement. Instead of 3 children under 5 at home I will only have 1. Unfortunately I am coming to realize this joyouse feeling is only being experienced by me. As the time for that first day of school gets closer my little 3 year old  Buddie is getting more and more anxious. What will he do? Why can’t he go? How long will they be gone? Why is he going going to be home alone?

I never even considered how not having anyone home with him would actually impact him emotionally. When my oldest daughter started Kindergarten my youngest daughter already had Buddie home with her so I never had to experience a sibling not understanding where everyone would be all day or why they were being left behind.

Now that it is happening I am discovering that being home alone is not necessarily something he is looking forward to. So I have a plan…kinda…well it’s in the works. I have to keep him as busy and occupied as possible at least until the girls come home for school. So that is about 6 hours of 3 year old activity. This is going to be new. It has been nearly 7 years since I have had only one stay at home kid. Trust me entertaining one kid can be a lot more difficul than allowing 2 or 3 to entertain each other!

This means that my leisurely day of coffee, reading and blogging may not happen as I first saw it. Instead I will have a day of library adventures, playground obsticales and Disney movie overload. Am I ready for this? I’m not sure but I do know that being a stay at home mom has just been taken to a level I didn’t miss that much. 

My Plan

Free Library Events – most local libraries offer free events such as storytime, crafts or even movies. This allows your child to not only have time outside the home but to interact with children their age as well.

Playground Fun – letting off a bit of that extra energy in some outside play is always a great plan. This will also help you child in developing their physical play skills  a bit more than staying indoors.

Book Time – Even though library storytie is amazing I still love to have book time at home because it gives my child the chance to use their imagination a bit more than in a group. This is also a great bonding time for us together.

Movie Time – This can take place in or out of the home. I always pick movies that have some type of lesson. Disney movies are great because they are exciting and fun but usually have a moral to be learned as well. I ask my child at the end to tell me what the movie was about. This helps with comprehension and expression.

Crafts – Take out those glue sticks, crayons, construction paper and scissors! Getting your children to use their hands as well as their imagination is actually great prep for writing and art once school begins.

PreSchool/Kindergarten Prep – Starting to teach your toddler the basics for a great school foundation including letters, colors, numbers and sound recognition. I do this through play most times and it doesn’t even feel like learning.

That’s right. I plan on keeping this little guy so active he barely notices that his sisters aren’t home. As far as I’m concerned he has officially started his Kindergarten prep and it’s just him and me… home alone together.


How did you handle that last child heading off to school?

Did you have a sibling left home alone?

What did you do to pass the tim before their sibling returned home?

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