How To Get Ready For Christmas Early

How To Get Ready For Christmas Early

Christmas is fast approaching. Are you at all ready for it? Now is the time to get it all together, earlier and smarter.

To start make lists. I love lists. I have them everywhere. I have a small chalkboard where I quickly write down things as we run out of them, then I add them to my phone. I have papers over the table with things that I want to get done.

How to get ready for Christmas now:

Make your gift giving list

Know who you are going to buy for, and any ideas on what you want to buy for them.

Start saving

Start setting aside any extra money, separate from your everyday money to make sure it doesn’t get spent. Anything laying around that you no longer use: sell it. Maybe pick up an extra (freelancing) job.

Check your supplies

Do you have enough tape, wrapping paper and cards? You don’t want to run out in the middle of getting everything ready.

Christmas decorations

Need new lights or stockings? It’s best to know ahead of time to budget it in, while the best time to buy these is after the holidays for BIG savings, we all end up needing something unexpectedly.

Create your budget

How much do you plan to send one to each member of your family. Don’t go over your budget! Be strong. Also take into account any gifts that you have to ship else, it can get expensive. I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep my purchases in line, what I bought, for who, and how much it was.

Handmade items

What do you plan to make yourself – cards, cookies, gifts, etc. Get started now. Store what’s already been made, freeze those extra cookies or pies.

The more prepared for the holidays you are , the less stressed you will likely be. You want to be relaxed and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

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