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Foonf By Clek: Is It Really That Great? #totstravels

Foonf By Clek: Is It Really That Great? #totstravels

When planning our Caribbean vacation, we knew we would need to be travelling with car seats.

We have 5 kids, 3 of which are still in infant/toddler seats.

We planned on renting cars and travelling by taxi, and anytime you are in an unfamiliar car, whether it be taxis or rentals, you need to consider space.

Not only do we have 5 kids, we also have STUFF and I mean STUFF!

I had heard of the Foonf by Clek car seat for it’s safety, unique design and compact nature of the seat and have had the opportunity to share my thoughts with you!


foonf carseat review


For the purpose of this post, I decided to highlight my TOP TEN features of the Foonf by Clek car seat.

Foonf By Clek: Is It Really That Great?

Number Ten: The colours

I chose to get tank, and I think for my next seat (that’s right, I am heading out tomorrow to buy a second Foonf seat), I will choose choose bluemoon.

I desperately want the snowberry, but with 4 boys and a girl, I think it makes more sense to be a little more neutral.

The colours are modern and bold.

There is truly a colour for every personality. 



Number Nine: The feel of the fabric

I often find car seat fabric to be a fabric that I would not want to sit on myself.

Think about it, 1 hour drive, with only a cotton onesie, in the heat of summer.

I picture sweat.

The fabric used by clek is similar to cotton terry and is very breathable and soft.


Number Eight: The comfort

This seat comfortably fits each of my children, who range from 10 months to almost 4 years old.

From 18lbs, up to 39lbs.

There is an easily adjustable headrest that I can move to safely support each child.

I have had each child sleep comfortably in the seat and have used it rear facing for each child and forward facing for my middle two.

No matter which way I install it, they fight over who sits in ‘the comfy seat’.

There you have it, it is ‘kid approved’ aka, fight worthy.


photo (2)

Number Seven: The ability to fit a large range of sizes

I have 5 kids, my oldest is 8 and three of them can fit in this seat.

It is made for children with a weight of 14-65lbs.

That is nice versatility.

Keep in mind that this seat should not be used until the baby is able to sit unassisted, which is usually around 6 months.

Technically, my 8 year old could still fit in this seat based on weight.

For height, the maximum recommended height is 49″ or until the top of the head is 1″ below the top of the adjustable headrest.

There is no reason to buy another car seat after Foonf by Clek.


Number Six: It is approved for flight

Although I did not choose to bring the seat on the airplane for this trip, I know many parents do.

Having this option is important for many parents.

This also shows you the narrowness of the seat, because after 5 flights in the last 2 weeks, I can attest to the fact that airplane seats are NARROW!



Number Five: The smooth recline option

Foonf by Clek uses an ‘easy to engage’ slide to recline option.

Simply squeeze and move the seat from upright to reclined.

Because it is so smooth, the baby can stay asleep.

Trust me, I have done it.


Number Four: The stain resistance

Foonf by Clek uses Greenguard Crypton® Super Fabrics that protects against stains.

This is music to my ears.

I have 4 boys, my life is dirty (and noisy).

Travelling by plane, with this brand new seat, I was initially terrified about it getting dirty as soon as I got it.

Once I learned about this technology, I could rest easier.

And honestly, the seat came back spotless, my checked luggage looks like it has been dragged across the tarmac.




Number Three: The dimensions

Not only was I concerned about size for this trip, I was also hoping to be able to get 3 carseats across the back of my minivan when my little lady grows out of her infant seat.

At only 43cm wide it is over 4cm narrower than my current seat, and this adds up when you are talking about 3 seats.




Number Two: The Added Safety

This is a huge one for any parent.

Foonf has added safety measures for rear facing (which I promote until age two and beyond).

It has an anti-rebound bar that must be added when it is rear facing and it was designed to comfortably and safely be used, rear facing, until the child’s 4th birthday (40lbs).

This is a very high rear-facing weight.

It is reinforced by steel and magnesium and is incredibly sturdy.

The headrest is connected to the seat with steel rods and has energy absorbing material in order to maximize head protection in the event of a crash.

Watch this video to see how it performs in a side impact collision. *please note there are currently no regulated side impact testing



AND Number One:

Well, for this one, you will have to watch the video to see what I like most about this carseat!


The UAS latching system when forward facing is the easiest I have seen.

No more twisted straps that I have to adjust everytime I move it.

Gone are the days of wiggling and jiggling to be able to attach the clasp.

Squeeze, line up and squeeze again.

It could not be more simple to install.

For rear facing, the UAS belt is hidden under the seat until needed.

There is an easy access seat belt path for vehicles without the UAS option.


I was given this carseat to review at not cost. All thoughts are my own.

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