How To Build Your Emergency Fashion Kit

How To Build Your Emergency Fashion Kit

Every woman needs an emergency fashion kit. It will get you out of some embarrassing fashion situations and have you ready for anything- as you look your best no matter what comes your way. When you look your best, you feel confident and that can help you get more done during the day. So, really, an emergency fashion kit is essential! Aside from making you look great, though, it can help you feel your best physically, and not just mentally and emotionally.

An emergency fashion kit consists of the following items as necessities:

Lip gloss- lips get dry and you need to have a shade that will not only hydrate, but also makes you look more polished.

Kleenexes- you need to have a tissue on standby for those days when your allergies just won’t cooperate with you.

Oil blotting papers- you can get these at the Dollar Tree! Even if you don’t have oily skin, get some. You never know when they will come in handy.

Safety pins- for that loose hem or missing button that popped after you left home.

Flexible band-aids- how many times have you worn those oh-so-cute new shoes, only to end up with painful and unsightly sores and blisters? Keep band-aids on hand for those moments.

Bobby pins and a comb- you never know when your hair needs a change or some fixing.

Dry shampoo- sometimes we run out the door and don’t realize how oily our hair really looks. Keep dry shampoo on hand for this problem. You can get a travel size or make your own with baby powder and baking soda mixed.

Mints or gum- this one is pretty easy to understand.

These are optional, but a great idea to have in the kit:

A pair of pantyhose- even if you don’t wear them often, keep them on hand in case you ever need them in an emergency.

Fingernail file- when you least know it, you will get a hangnail and will need to file your nails.

Foot petals- for extra comfort in your shoes

Extra shoes- take along a pair of shoes that you know will be comfortable in case you need to swap shoes during the day.

Protein bar- for when you can’t get away to eat and you need a pick-me-up that will keep you full and fueled.

Aspirin- for those headaches that will come on when you don’t expect them.

Sunscreen- for those times when you need to be outdoors more than you anticipated.

Did I miss anything?

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