The Distracted Child: an Infographic

My kids love to read. We work hard to read with our children each night starting in babyhood. This infographic gives more tips on how to encourage reading in the 21st century. The Distracted Child: an Infographic. 

Tips and Tools to Get Children Refocused on the Written Word

We live in a fast-paced and modern world. Children today are exposed to so many stimuli, and have so many ways to consume both entertainment and knowledge. In a world with so many distractions. how do we keep children focused on reading?

Reading is in Decline

Across the board, Americans do not read as much, or as well, as they have in the past. 48% of American adults read literature for pleasure. For the young it is even lower, only 33% of college seniors read for pleasure. Over the past decade, the percentage of Americans who read the newpaper dropped from 41% to 23%. Additionally, 43% of American adults read at or below “Basic” level. Roughly 93 million people! The number of high school seniors who read “proficiently” has been declining since 1992. Worse still, SAT reading scores are currently the lowest in 4 decades. In conclusion, we are far from done outlining the problems we have. So dig in and read through this The Distracted Child: an Infographic for an in depth look at the problems we face.



The Distracted Child

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