10 Years Later – 6 Things I Would Change About My Wedding.

Our ten year anniversary is coming up next month!   I am more in love with my husband (& father to our four children) today than I have ever been.   On that note, my cousin is getting married and I gave her my  advice on what I would change, if I were planning a wedding all over again.   Here are 6 things that I would change about our wedding … 

10 Years Later - 6 Things I Would Change About My Wedding.
A better photographer.   
We hired a photographer that was a friend of my Dads.   I knew that I wasn’t crazy about his pictures, but I thought “well, what does it matter?”   He was inexpensive & nice… but then when I saw the sort of pictures that my friend’s were having done, I regretted not going for a more current photographer.  

Don’t over-stress.  As I have learned over the year, a stressed-out hostess is no fun for anyone!   I try to be stress-free as much as I can.  (being a little more stress free is what keeps me a happy mom these days!)

Not buying the dress that I LOVED  just because it was a little bit different from what we all expected.  I had tried on a beautiful dress, but it had a gold sash and some very faint gold leaves on it.  I remember thinking how much I loved it, but how it would probably seem “weird”.   (Today, it would be very “in”, but ten years ago, it was a little different.)   I wish I would have gone for it! 

Worrying too much about the guests. 
They will have fun!  Don’t worry- just greet everyone, welcome & thanks them for coming.  I worried that my husband’s college friends might embarrass us, but now I feel like that was so petty of me… who cares?  I can’t control them anymore than I can control the wind. 

I would have had a different veil.  
Again- I went for the “what is typical” veil instead of what I really wanted.  I wanted one of those mantilla wedding veils, but I opted for the kind on the clip that can go over your face.   Not a big deal, but why didn’t I just get what I wanted? 

Not dancing with my grandparents. 
My grandparents have passed away and I miss them dearly.  I wish that I would have gotten a picture while I was dancing with them.   Yes, we had family pictures taken, but if I could have just had a minute with them, out on the dance floor.   Just a minute for the photographer to catch us in our natural conversations, laughing and talking (like we did daily).   Just a minute at that wedding would have been treasured for a lifetime. 
My grandma gave me great marriage advice, so I will cherish that. 

 So- try not to make my mistakes if you are planning your wedding.   Go with what you want and what your heart ones… in the end, you are the person that remembers your wedding, so make it what YOU want. 

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