Capturing Memories in Rural Ontario with the BLACKS Photography App

From our previous posts, you may know that I recently moved to a very small rural community, which is 95 kms from the nearest city. I love the country life but we are very limited when it comes to shopping.

Having just moved into a 1,780-square-foot house from a 900 square-foot basement apartment, I am very excited about decorating. Being rural and wanting to shop does not normally go together. Except – and this is one big exception – for online shopping. I am finding new places to shop online that will deliver right to my door.

My newest favourite is BLACKS Photo app.

BLACKS has a very simple-to-use app. You can use photos from your mobile phone and allows you to buy high quality prints. Including all those square photos that get saved from Instagram – my favourite. The app is free but the prints are also very reasonably priced – $0.39 for a regular 4×6 print. You can order standard prints (4×6, 5×7, 8×10), square – hello Instagram photos! – (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 8×8) and panoramic (4×8, 4×10, 5×12).

You can also create collages, cards, books and calendars.

I just created calendars for my in-laws using Instagram photos (told you I’m obsessed) as we do not see them often. I have received my calendars and they are amazing. I was a little concerned with the quality of picture before I ordered. The calendars are large and I did not want the photos to be stretched. I should not have been worried. The quality is great.

If you happen to live near a BLACKS location you can pick up right at your favourite store. Prints are available within an hour and specialty creations like calendars and books only take a couple of days.

I am thinking of creating a feature wall of square prints in my living room. We have a thermostat right in the centre of the wall and regular rectangular prints just seem a bit strange in the space. Using the different sizes available would give it a nice artistic look. What do you think?

Capturing Memories in Rural Ontario with the BLACKS Photography App

The steps to creating your own project are very simple. I have horribly slow satellite internet and the time it took me to download the app, choose my project, upload 13 pictures and purchase was no more than 30 minutes.

My only gripe about the app is that you cannot add more to your order. I wanted to purchase both the calendars and prints in one order and combine shipping. I could not figure out how to. When you go ‘back’ you lose your progress. For those of you that can pick up in-store this is not an issue as you can create many orders without needing to combine.

Maybe I just need to book a shopping trip into the city and visit my favourite BLACKS location. 

BLACKS believes pictures are too important to be left on a smartphone or a computer screen; they need to be brought to life, displayed, shared and celebrated. BLACKS is transforming into an inspiriting one-stop destination where you can express yourself through pictures on the NEW BLACKS.CA, on the BLACKS App and in-stores to help you take your pictures further. Visit the NEW BLACKS.CA  today to get inspired.

BLACKS Photography AppThis post was brought to you by BLACKS via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of BLACKS

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