Back To School Celebration

My oldest is super excited for back to school and for her it's a back to school celebration.

My oldest is super excited for back to school and for her it’s a back to school celebration.

Why? Because she wants all the new items that come along with it. And to tell the truth, I do too.

I remember being excited in school to get new crayons and markers, and all that good stuff. It hasn’t changed for me at all.

Back To School Celebration

I know some kids aren’t as excited to back to school, they may not what to miss seeing certain friends all the time, the freedom and lack of homework.

How can you make it more of a celebration? Try some of these ideas.

Shop Together for School Supplies

I know how much easier it can be to just go by yourself to get all the supplies you need for your kids at one time, but you can make it more special for your child by taking them with you and letting them pick out a few things that they like.

Instead of the boring pencils you might choice, maybe your child would like the neon ones instead.

Create Fun Binders and Other Supplies

Once you have all the supplies that you need, grab some Washi tape in fun colors.

Use the Washi tape to decorate binders, notebooks, or pencils.

This also the best way to avoid mixing up your child’s binder or other belonging with someone else’s.

Take Fun Pictures

Have some fun with the first day of school pictures, you don’t have to just get the standard one: standing in front of the door with a backpack on.


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