Awesome Value Christmas Decor Roundup

Every now and then we stumble over some awesome value Christmas Decor that can’t resist sharing with our readers.

The selection is awesome and I plan to use them as party favors for our Holiday Party.

Awesome Value Christmas Decor


Struggling to find high quality gifts and Decor this Christmas?

As a young family we are trying to create our own Christmas traditions that our kids can look forward to and anticipate all year long.

With Christmas traditions come decorations that you want to see year after year.

We found traditional Christmas decor items that the kids love. My Husband and I love them too!

So we want to help promote this young company called Inland Bay Shop this year.

You can’t beat the prices and quality and Free Shipping via USPS.


My kids with our Let-it-snow banner. Awesome Value Christmas Decor

Burlap Santa Hat

I like this Burlap Santa hat because of the traditional style.  
This Santa hat is made from cotton and linen, unlined and has no stretch. 
The fabric is very strong and I discovered my kids (and the dog) could not damage it . One size fits most. 
Measurements are approximately 11.25″ by 15″.  
Awesome Value Christmas Decor. Santa Hat is the perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas stockings

These Christmas Stocking look perfect hanging on any fireplace mantel or bed post.

I tested the stocking to see how much they could hold and am satisfied they will hold all the small gifts and candy Santa plans to deliver.

Made from 90% Burlap from cotton and linen, these stockings are heavy duty, unlined and give no stretch.

The Measurements are: Cuff width 7.08″, cuff to heal 15.35″, heal to toe 11.4″. 

These are offered in Red and Green and are perfect for that classic Christmas look. 

You can also customize the stockings yourself. 

Awesome Value Christmas Decor. Santa Stockings are perfect hanging on the Fireplace mantel


LET-IT-SNOW banner

This Let-It-Snow banner is the perfect decoration and home decor addition for Christmas and the holidays. 

We hung it on our mantel and it fit perfectly.

This durable burlap is unlined, made from cotton and linen and has no stretch.

Hang above an opening in your living room or foyer or fireplace mantel and just take pictures with it!

This holiday banner is approximately 62.5″ 


Awesome Value Christmas Decor. This let-it-snow banner is a wonderful Christmas decor item for any wall


Santa Sack

This Santa Sack is made from thick felt and is the perfect item for playing Santa yourself or wrapping those awkward Christmas Presents! 

You can order this item with either Snowman or Santa theme.

Our love the Santa theme.


Awesome Value Christmas Decor. Pack this Santa Sack with Holiday gifts for your kids.

As always, we DO NOT have drop ship items, our items are in house and ready to ship via USPS.

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS!As always, we DO NOT have drop ship items, our items are in house and ready to ship via USPS.


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