How To Raise Active Kids #FitMadeFun

How To Raise Active Kids

How To Raise Active Kids

This past weekend I was invited to team up with LeapFrog and Clif Bars and host a Fit Made Fun Party. Of course I was thrilled to be chosen. If you are looking for active kids, I’ve got 5 of them! 

Although we work hard on keeping our kids moving, we are always happy to find a little help. Sometimes the couch is just a little too comfy and sometimes we could all use some motivation.

There are a few tricks I do to keep my kids moving.

Lead By Example

This one is hard, especially if you are not an overly energetic person, or if you work a busy job or balance a crazy schedule. Try to show your kids how fun being active is. When you are at the park (unless you are working on your phone-which I TOTALLY support), play with them. Don’t sit on the bench. If you are going for a bike ride, go ride with them. You get the picture.

Set Up The Day 

I plan out each day to ensure we have both active time and downtime. I am not afraid to say that my kids watch TV, they even play video games on the weekend. Downtime is essential. But first priority is movement. Typically I do a big outing in the morning, some quiet time after lunch and another active time late afternoon. This seems to keep the kids happy and moving, while meeting their needs for quiet time too. This is how to raise active kids.

Get The Stuff

Stuff can get expensive. I shop used and even free for active equipment. Hockey nets, rollerblades, tennis rackets and the absolute must: Bicycles. These don’t need to be new, or even near new. We have lots of third and fourth hand equipment that is used daily. Also ask family and friends to keep an eye open for equipment you are looking for. (PS. Anyone have a cheap 14″ bike they don’t need anymore?)

Make It Fun

This is where you need to get creative. Organized sports and neighbourhood kids can make your job easier. So can LeapFrog. For our Fit Make Fun Party we had the chance to try our the new LeapBand. These children’s Activity Trackers allow kids to care for their ‘pet’ (which may include a robot) by completing active tasks. During the party, several kids were sharing one watch. We had a little bit of ‘MINE’ coming from my two year old, but overall a number of kids can work together completing their tasts and getting to new levels. Talk about staying active and having fun.

Fuel Them

It goes without saying that in order for children to live active lifestyles they need to have proper nutrition. Eating a variety of foods, with a majority of it being fruits, veggies and protein, is a good way to help ensure your child has the energy they need to keep going. Clif Bars have great ‘Clif Kids‘ Protein Bars that not only taste great, but are also a great source of protein for kids on the go.

I hope these tips will help you keep your little ones moving! 

Check out some pictures of our party below. 

How To Raise Active Kids IMG_0546 IMG_0614 IMG_0567

Thanks to Mommy PartiesLeapFrog and Clif Bars for making our party a success.

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