5 Simple Afterschool Snacks for Kids

Raise your hand if your child comes home from school ravenous. πŸ™‚

We’re homeschoolers, but our kids attended public school for a few months last year and I could not believe how famished they seemed to be when I picked them up. I found out later that they were eating lunch at the ridiculous time of 10:10 a.m. (That’s another story.)

No matter what time of day your child eats lunch, he or she is most likely ready to eat when classes end in the afternoon. And with homework, school functions, and afterschool activities, it can be hard to think of something to feed our kids everyday. 

So, today we’re sharing 5 simple afterschool snacks for kids! With five to choose from, you can serve a different one each day of the week!

5 Simple Afterschool Snacks for Kids

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Try to stick with natural peanut butter, an all-fruit spread, and whole-grain bread. That way, kids can enjoy the sweet taste with plenty of protein and no added sugars.

2. Ants on a Log

Ants on a Log is yet another classic kids’ snack that really works well today. Simply spread peanut butter over celery stalks and top with raisins. In fact, this one is so easy your kids can probably make it themselves!

3. Granola and Yogurt

Fix a simple parfait by scooping yogurt into a bowl and topping it with granola. It’s a fast and filling snack that can help kids get ready to concentrate on homework.

4. Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups

Slice some block cheese and lay the slices inside slices of deli meat. Then roll up the deli meat with the cheese inside and stick a toothpick through it to hold it together. Easy as pie. 

5. Fruit Smoothie

Blend milk, yogurt, and any kind of frozen fruit together. We like to use frozen blueberries or frozen strawberries. You can add a little honey to sweeten it if you like. 

Do you have any “go-to” simple afterschool snacks for your kids? Share them with us in the comments!

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