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5 Benefits of Home Birth

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I’ve done birth all sorts of ways, including c-section, epidural, birth center and now home birth. It was a completely new experience, and here are the things I liked the best about the 5 Benefits of Home Birth.

Being at Home:

Birth can be stressful and painful. Being in your own room, in your own bed, can give you a feeling of security that helps you relax and feel secure.

No Rush:

Because I didn’t have to pack a bag or drive anywhere, there was no pressure. It didn’t really matter when I went into labor because I knew we would be ready. My midwife often came to the house for prenatal visits and they were a very laid-back affair with no rushing. During and after the birth she was calm and unhurried. 

Family Friendly:

Home birth revolves around…your home! So it’s a very family-friendly affair. My children loved that the midwife could do prenatal check-ups in my living room (no babysitter needed) and they learned a lot by watching. Nor did I have to “go away” to have the baby. They woke up in the morning and there she was!

Low Cost:

A midwife is generally a lot less expensive than a traditional hospital delivery or c-section. In our case, my husband is fortunate to have an employer who’s very supportive of home birth. He actually paid 100% of our bill.

Extra Perks:

Not only did I have many of my prenatal visits at home, but my midwife and I became friends. The care you receive with a home birth is very customized and tailored to your wishes. Midwives are also very flexible and available to their clients. In a hospital, you’re not always guaranteed that your doctor will be available on delivery day. With a home birth, you know who’s going to be there.

Have you ever considered home birth? Please give us your comments below!

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