10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats to Give Trick-Or-Treaters

It’s hard to believe October is already here. Halloween will be arrive before you know it. If you would like to offer a fun alternative to all the candy treats this year, I’ve rounded up 10 non-candy Halloween treats. Consider using these alternatives to SUGAR. Your neighbors will love you for not giving their children sugar based treats. Maybe they will follow your example begin gifting these treats. Your kids will have more creative treats instead of binge eating sugar candies with Mom and Dad patiently trying to settle them down.

Non-Candy Halloween Treats to Give Trick-Or-Treaters

Non-Candy Halloween Treats 

Glow-In-The-Dark Vampire Fangs

Make A Pumpkin Stickers


Plastic Spider Rings 

Halloween Rubber Ducks 

Glow Bracelets

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Spring Coils

Halloween Stamps

Monster Tattoos

Halloween Pencil Top Erasers

Please share your ideas or comments below. What additional Non-Candy Halloween Treats have you given to Trick-or-Treaters ?

Non-Candy Halloween Treats



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